Auckland Internship Accommodation

Needing to stay in Auckland for a summer internship or clerkship?

It can be tricky to find clean, safe & affordable accommodation options in Central Auckland over summer!

Summer Stays self-catered, all-inclusive packages are for you – no need to worry about power, water & wifi – it’s all included.

Te Tirohanga o te Tōangaroa

Situated close to Auckland’s CBD, Te Tirohanga offers a new style of affordable accommodation with rooms designed to maximise on storage
space, with modern, spacious communal living levels.

  • King single room
  • Shared bathroom, kitchen and living facilities
  • Social spaces including a Yoga and Karaoke Room
  • Sky deck with views over the Harbour 
  • Power, water & Wi-Fi included in rate

Rate: $285.00 per week

Available dates: 14 November 2022 until 13 February 2023

Two people in a bedroom looking at a book while sitting on a bed
Two people in a bedroom. One sits on the bed while facing and speaking with another person sitting at the desk next to the bed.
Four people in a music room while one plays the other three music on a guitar
Movie room. One person peeps in while three others are watching tv while sitting on bean bags
Two groups of people are chatting and studying in two sets of booths

Stay with us.